Building business focused websites, tailored for each client. Different packages available based on requirements and functionality.  Being online is now becoming more and more import, from businesses to parishes, associations and sports clubs. Smart phones are how 90% of the world finds anything. Having an online presents is key to being found, whether its sharing information ,selling goods and services or re-connecting with your local community.

IT Consultancy

Technology moves at such a fast pace, it is easy to get left behind. Microsoft no longer supports many of the older versions of Windows. This means software updates will not be keeping your computers up to date. Security is the key to maintaining a safe and secure business. Windows updates are now more important than ever to keep your data and computers protected against attack from malicious viruses and hackers. Are you paying to much for your broadband, is your Wifi strong enough to meet your requirements.

Computer & Equipment Repair

Computer equipment, like humans, get sick, break down, need new parts or upgrades and sometimes, just need to be replaced. Computers,Laptops, Printers, Wifi and Wifi enabled devices, Networks, iPhone screen replacements etc

GDPR Reviews

Each business or organisation should have a nominated employee to manage their GDPR responsibilities. There are huge fines for any company in breach of the new European GDPR data protection rules. Each employee also needs to be aware of their individual responsibility in gathering and maintaining clients data. I offer a review service using GDPR guidelines and send you a report on areas that may require urgent action.

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