Why Choose Us

Our company is a small starter up; originally we started out as a web development team with many large projects under our belt. Operating here in beautiful Los Angeles California, we noticed the lack of strong SEO companies in LA with competitive pricing. Our take on it was, even if you built the best websites the world has ever seen, but no one can find you. Through this one realization SEO LA was incepted and has been growing and assisting local businesses ever since. Although we are one of the new players in the Los Angeles Market we know that there is heavy competition in this business sector, but we are confident and know that our prices are extremely competitive. Our results speak for themselves.

Our commitment is solely to the client, we understand the importance of efficient and quality services. With this type of business growing at an extreme rate we also know there are many bad apples. A portion of our clients have already tried search engine optimization from some other SEO LA company with horrible results. Even if you don’t choose our services we hope we can assist you through our article section on how to choose a proper SEO company in LA.

Our promise to ourselves as well as our clients is that the work is done in the United States of America, never outsourced. Most of our clients are relieved when they find out that there projects stay within the United States boards. Our Los Angeles based company has a strict commitment to our customers, we promise:

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  • No more sub-par work. There will be no outsourcing to overseas companies that cannot be overseen carefully; this eludes any unnecessary hassles and frustrations.
  • Customized projects:Our team has a commitment to know each company and how they want to be perceive by potential online customers. This includes content and design that is custom tailored for each of our clients. We do not believe in the one size fits all ideology that most web design companies take as an approach to representing their clients digitally.
  • Complete Package:At the end of the day what are company offers and differs from any other search engine optimization company is simple. You do not need a brochure, business cards, or even a web site for that matter. You need results plain and simple. We are the ignition that is why we provide turnkey solutions that take your idea from thought to plot to completed project and most importantly get results.
  • Professional Results:Our content writers have masters degrees, our programmers will not be appointed marketing tasks. We have assigned professionals for every sector of your project and we assure that a professional will be assigned to every portion of it. We have a selected staff of professional designers, writer’s developers, project managers, and marketers who are constantly continuing their education and growing along within the information technology field. This assures that our staff is always up to date on trends and marketing tactics to give you the best results possible.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple; expose your web site to users who are searching for your products or services. Give them useful information through custom content. Use the expansion of the internet to reach out and acquire customers from anywhere.

At the end of the day if you do not take due diligence in promoting your business online, another one of your competition is. What are you waiting for? We hope that you are not waiting until it is to late.