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On: April 29, 2018
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If you are like me, you have more than one email address and from more than one provider too. I have a Gmail, Outlook, and two other work emails. After time it gets harder to manage them all, especially on my mobile phone. The inbuilt mail apps just don't offer everything I need. Until now..


BlueMail People Switch


Tapping Blue’s People Switch makes it more easy for your wonderful friends, family, and customers to reach out and say hello.



Clusters spring into action and bring together People, Groups, and Services to make the inbox become tidy with stacked avatars.


Group Mail

Bringing people together with Group Mail enables you to send emails to a group without adding each member individually.

BlueMail Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox

View all of your accounts in one beautiful and centrally located inbox and make reading emails even more efficient and easy.

BlueMail Tasks

Get Stuff Done

Quickly mark emails to be handled later and set reminders for them. Let Blue help turn your to-do list of emails into a do-done list.

BlueMail Push

Instant Push

BlueMail intelligently pushes your emails so they arrive to your device at instantaneous speeds saving valuable time.


Integrated Calendar

Access your Calendar and plan events right from within BlueMail. Customize exactly how and when you receive your Calendar reminders.


Easy to Configure

Setup is an effortless breeze and by simply signing into your email accounts, your inbox will be ready and waiting for you.


Dark Theme

Seamlessly and automatically switch between day and night mode with ease to make late night emails easier to take care of.

And so much more!
And so much more!

Visually Appealing

With Flat or Material designs, there’s plenty to like and more to love.


BlueMail Alias

Handle alternate email addresses pointing to your existing email account


Any Protocol

Support for IMAP, Exchange, ActiveSync & POP3


Multiple Accounts

Sync multiple accounts from all providers in a Unified Interface


Services Logo

Easily recognize popular services from their icons


Usable Offline

With days to synchronize option – customized your offline needs


Scrollable & Unread Widgets

Access your emails inbox at a glance from your home screen


Android Wear & Apple Watch

Intelligent email on your wrist and any other wearable devices


Quick Filters

Easily filter emails by unread / starred


Color Coding

Makes it all simple and visual


Dynamic Smart Conversations

Have a full visibility to the thread of linked emails


Any Device

Android or iOS; phones, phablets or tablets


Unread Count

See how many unread emails you have on the icon

BlueMail Encryption

Your data is safe and secure using industry leading features


BlueMail is available here for download to your Android or iOS device

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