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Offering Affordable Website Design & IT Solutions.

Website Plans

I have 3 price plans for design & building. All plans get the same attention to detail and friendly service.

  • Plan A = 1-3, Plan B = 5-7 & Plan C = 8-10 pages

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Custom & professionally designed web pages

  • Major search engine submission

  • Addition of company images

  • Multiple email accounts setup

  • Dynamic interactive map

  • Addition of company images & video

  • Social Networking

  • Callback Request forms

  • Smart Phone/Tablet ready

Web Site Maintenance | Tune Up

The pace in which design and technology moves, a website can look quite dated in a few years. First impressions still count for something and in a competitive business environment, potential clients will walk away from a bad unsecured website. 

  • Stale or Out Of Date Website??

  • Is your website SSL Certified?

  • Is anybody monitoring or updating your Site to protect it for hackers?

  • Do you know how much Traffic is actually going through your Site?

  • Has your Site been optimized for search engines?

  • Fresh New Style & Design

  • Updated Content

  • Social Media Links

  • New Images & Upload of Videos

  • Backup Site Files

  • SEO Optimization

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