Animations are the future of marketing if you have marketing. As the demand for video is evolving, organizations started producing 2D animation videos either with the help of 2D production companies or by themselves using the best 2D animation software. 


Having the best animated software will not only help you in creating exciting animations but also allows you to have a lasting impression on the audience. Indeed, there are a plethora of softwares available in the market, and choosing the one from the list of all is not a cakewalk. 


Well! If you are reading this article, you might be looking for the best app/software that will help you in becoming a professional animation maker. Your searches are over! 


Here are the seven best 2D animation software that can prove useful to you and can be exciting at the same time. 


7 Best 2d animated Software for beginners


Let’s get started….




It is one of the most popular and open-source animation software that beginners commonly use to create videos easily. One of the reasons people prefer to add this to their checklist is that it is based on traditional animation, which further helps them understand its interface without requiring much RAM. 


This cross-platform tool has the least distraction and can run on different platforms. Moreover, it also supports TIFF, known as Tagged Image File Format. It also allows you to import images on a particular frame. The best part, you can use its features for free. 


Toon Boom Harmony 


Toon Boom Harmony is another software that supports Windows, Linux and OSX. If you wish to produce narrated animations for TV, web, or films, you can add it to your bucket list. It offers excellent features that inspire the users to pay for it. 


Like, it offers tools for cleaning and scanning traditional paper drawing, deformer and rigging tools that help in animating puppets, offers 3D stages for setting different plane environments, etc. 


Perhaps, you might spend some time getting your hands on this tool, but believe me; this tool is worth pursuing. 


Blender 2D animator 


Another popular software that can provide 2D graphic applications is Blender 2D animator. This tool allows you to add different types of effects and create animated movies without any errors. Its user-friendly interface allows beginners to easily import and export videos in different formats like QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, etc. 


It offers different kinds of modeling tools that further allow the users to easily create, transform and edit the animations. It has Python API, realistic rendering and faster customization and scripting feature that helps in creating animations like a pro for free. 




If you are looking for an online tool that helps in creating animations, then you should surely look into Animaker software. It offers different types of properties, animated characters, backgrounds, icons, etc., that make the video creation task much easier. This tool allows you to create both professional and personal usage. 


This tool offers 200 sound effects, six video styles, 100 million stock photos, different background music tracks, etc. If you are a beginner, then you can get started with its free tool. Furthermore, you can decide which version can help you achieve your goals. 


So, if you are looking for a tool that can help you export full HD videos, then you can definitely choose Animaker. 


Synfig Studio


Another free tool that offers two different versions, including a stable version and a development version for you, is Synfig Studio. For a beginner, a stable version can do wonders, but if you are an advanced user, then you can go with the development version. 


With the help of this tool, you can easily convert images with a vector element into another. In this tool, you will get 50+ layers of animation types and a fully-featured bone system, and mathematical expressions that allow you to get 2D animation video effortlessly and at high quality for free. 



If I talk about the OpenToonz tool, then it is compatible with Windows and OSX. This free tool helps beginners to create fun and interesting animated videos without putting in much effort and time. If you are new to this tool, then the tutorials offered by this tool can be a blessing for you. 


This open-source software helps you to easily grip its work as all its features are simple to use and access. Like it offers cross-platform compatibility, vector, and raster workflow switching, minimalistic design, etc. helps users to make the best use of this tool. 


Moreover, the method which it provides to paint with provisional colors inspires the users to choose it as their next 2D animation software. 




Last but not least, the software that can allow you to create beautiful animations is PicsArt. Most of the people who want to create animations are familiar with this tool. If you are in search of a tool for both Android and iPhone users, then PicsArt can be the option for you. 


This software will not only allow you to create cartoon videos but also helps in creating GIF files. Its features like duplicate layers and frames, animated stickers, advanced drawing tools, the addition of music to videos/GIFs, etc., inspire me to add this tool to the top 7 checklists. 


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The Final Say 


There are no two options that animation can be one of the most exciting tasks, only if you choose the right agency or software. The feasibility and availability of tools help in creating stunning 2d animation videos easily. 


Hopefully, the above features of each tool can help you decide which suits you the best for your business. Still, if you need any help in making a choice, feel free to share in the comments below.