In today’s tech-savvy world even toddlers need to have the ability to use technology efficiently. In an ideal world, all parents would have plenty of time to interact with their little ones and teach them various skills this way; but unfortunately in the real world, we often rely on our tablets to keep our toddlers entertained. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use that time efficiently.

The educational apps compiled below by popular tuition agency will help your toddler make the best of their screen time and pick up some useful skills.

So without further ado let’s dive in and see what these educational apps for toddlers have to offer.


ABC mouse.

This is the best educational app for toddlers overall. In essence, it is a virtual classroom that teaches your toddler various useful skills (such as counting, reading, coloring, music skills, and so on). And one of the advantages of this app is that you can customize the experience by indicating your child’s age when you sign up. And although it is a subscription service and you will have to pay a certain amount each month it is certainly worth the money considering the quality of the service you will be getting.

In addition, if you have more than one child this monthly fee covers up to three siblings. You can indicate the different ages of your children to make sure that each of them gets a different experience which is suitable for them.


Elmo loves 123s.

Who doesn’t love Sesame Street? Toddlers can spend hours watching these colorful characters and now through the iOS and Android applications developed by Sesame Workshop they can interact with them as well.

In general, Sesame Workshop produces multiple great applications which not only teach your children basic academic skills (such as counting and reading) but also teach them some valuable life skills and even how to use the potty.

But Elmo loves 123s is particularly useful because it teaches children about the wonderful world of numbers, a skill which they definitely need to master to fit in today’s technology-driven world.


Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.

An adorable monkey character called Milo will guide your toddler through the colorful world of shapes, colors, and math. Using this application will be so much fun for them that they will not even notice the learning process.

And after successfully completing their tasks they will be rewarded with a colorful sticker. They can collect all of their stickers to see how far they have progressed; in this manner, your toddler learns that education is fun and rewarding.


AlphaTots Alphabet.

If you want your little one to learn the English alphabet then you cannot go wrong with AlphaTots Alphabet. This application contains 26 action verbs to help your toddler memorize English letters.

The app also contains various songs and puzzles which make it a joy to use for any toddler.



Most of us don’t have time to visit our local library to borrow books for our children anymore and that is why this application is the best option to meet our reading needs.

There are a whopping 40 000 books on offer on this site and you can customize your search results by age or by interest. After your initial 30-day free trial expires you will have to pay eight dollars per month. However, considering the enormous benefits your child will get from this app it is more than worth it.

And you might not even have to pay that because some schools can set up free subscriptions for their students so check with your school first to find out if they have one.


Sago Mini Road Trip.

This app teaches your toddler to be responsible when they are going on a trip. They learn about the importance of packing a suitcase, choosing an appropriate car for the road trip, why they need to stop for petrol on the way, and even about the necessity of a car wash. The app helps your toddler become more creative and, needless to say, it is enormous fun.

So if you’re looking for something to occupy your little one on your next flight then look no further. Just fire up the Sago Mini Road Trip and you won’t hear a peep from your toddler during the entire flight.


Hungry Caterpillar Playschool.

Every British person is familiar with the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” book and now this iconic character is available in the app form. Eric Carle‘s beloved character will take your toddler through various colorful scenarios and teach them problem-solving skills as well as some basic math and scientific facts.

The base version of the app is free, however, you can make in-app purchases to enhance the educational experience.



A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major problems parents and children face nowadays. Being constantly cooped up in one’s apartment is not good for anybody’s health and if your child doesn’t get enough exercise that will become a problem later on. This is why GoNoodle is absolutely essential. This app contains various “follow-me” type videos which will encourage your child to exercise. Your toddler will have a wonderful time doing the moves and at night they will be tired enough to go to bed without any problems, so it’s a win-win situation. And the best thing about it is that the app is free!


PBS Kids.

If your child is a fan of PBS cartoon characters then they will definitely enjoy this app. Their favorite characters will guide them through various quizzes and games making the learning process a breeze. Any child who is over two years old can use this app and it is also absolutely free! And that’s not all! The app also offers weekly educational videos which are both entertaining and educational. And it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple device, an Android tablet, or a Kindle you can access this app on all three.


In the end, any of these apps will be immensely beneficial for your little one so you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.